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La Vie Noir: The black life

A dark, edgy cabaret that speaks to the mystique and elegance of the film noir era with a modern twist. A story of lust, murder and femme-fatale sensuality.  Empowering femininity, this show promises to entice, excite and thrill every audience member.  

Evalee Gertz - Creator/Choreographer

As a child, all Evalee wanted was to be a ballerina. At night in bed, she would choreograph great ballets in her head. Starting dance class at an early age, she danced on a competitive team as a teenager, until her interests turned elsewhere. Upon coming to Los Angeles, Evalee pursued acting and fine arts, but her heart always missed the dance floor. She found her way back through cabaret and burlesque, dancing in Shows like The Toledo Show, The Bella-Donnas, Golden Girls Burlesque, Music Force X and others. Inspired by these experiences, she decided to take the reins and created La Vie Noir Show. But an accident that lead to a severe back injury prevented her from dancing for over 2 years. Told she should retire, Evalee feared her vision for La Vie Noir Show would never be realized. But she overcame her pain and fear and finally finished her show, putting together a powerfully talented cast of strong, beautiful women for her debut show, La Petite Mort.


Story by:                                        Evalee Gertz
Written by:                                       Irena Murphy
Narration:                                      Scott Witman
Director:                                        Evalee Gertz
Choreography:                                Evalee Gertz
Master of Ceremonies:                       Alex David
Produced by :                                  Evalee Gertz
                                                    Emilie Touri
Dancers:                                          Evalee Gertz
                                                    Paola Gamache
                                                    Erin Gray
                                                    Kia Silliman
                                                    Vivi Vedette
                                                    Natalie White
                                                    Britta Grant
Special Thanks:                                  Irena Murphy
                                                    Dan Howe
                                                    Christianna Carmine
                                                    James Stellar
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